Commercial Loans for Investment Rental Units

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

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  • Loan Size: $100,000 - $10,000,000 Blanket Loans to $25,000,000
  • Loan Purpose: Purchase, Cash Out, R/T Refinance
  • Loan Terms: 30 yr. Fixed, or 30 yr. Fixed with 10 yr. I.O.
  • Max LTV: Purchase & R/T: 80%, Refinance: 75%
  • Min FICO: 620
  • Min DSCR: .75
  • No DTI: Qualifying Income based on Property’s Cashflow
  • Prepay Options: 5%,4%,3%,2%,1%, 3%,2%,1% or No Prepay
  • Eligible property types:
  • Residential 1 to 11 Unit for Rentals, Attached & Detached, Condos & PUDs, Vacation Rentals up to 15 units
  • Borrower: Individual or business entity
  • No rural properties
  • Occupancy: Vacancy ok on Purchase
  • Condition: No rehab or deferred maintenance)
  • Long-term financing only
  • Eligible states: All (except MI, MT, ND,NV, SD)

Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio or cash-out of an existing property, our DSCR Program is a Lending Solution for Cash Flowing Investment Property. 

No Tax Returns!  Lite Doc Only!   No DTI!  

This program was designed for the Real Estate Investor!

Program Benefits:

  • Borrower doesn’t pass the standard DTI calculation
  • Borrower doesn’t want to produce tax returns
  • Borrower doesn’t want to use their own income
  • Borrower owns more properties than Agency programs allow

Loan Amounts: $75K - $10M (Blanket Portfolio Loans up to $25M)

Rates: Starting at 6.750%

Geography: Nationwide (except North Dakota, South Dakota)

Property Types: Residential, Short-Term Rental, Vacation Rental up to 15 units

Occupancy: Long-Term, Medium-Term, or Short-Term Rentals, Vacancy OK (on Acquisitions), no operating history required on STRs

Loan Structure: 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans,  Flexible Prepayment Penalties, Partial IO (10-Years) Available, Entities (i.e. LLCs) and partners welcomed

LTVs: Up to 85% (Acquisitions/Rate-Term Refinances), 75% (Cash-Out Refinances)

DTI: Not Applicable, No Subordinate Financing Allowed

DSCR as low as: 0.75

Min Credit Score: 620